Unfortunately we’ve got some sad news. Daniel left the band and won’t kick our asses from the back of the stage anymore. There were no musical or personal reasons, it’s simply a time problem: family, house, work plus the fact that he doesn’t really live in the neighbourhood.

We want to thank Daniel for his support, and we’re sure that our ways will cross again to have some beers together. We wish him and his family (which indeed is not even that small) all the best. Keep on rocking, brother!

We’ll present you the new man behind the drums very soon. Can’t wait to enter the stage again after all that shit ended!


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SEPTAGON @ Metal Is Forever

Am Montag den 12.07. sind wir im Livestream der Metal is Forever - Rockcast Show.

Um 20:00 Uhr geht es los, es wird ein ausf├╝hrliches Interview geben und diverse Clips werden auch zu sehen sein. Den Link geben wir noch rechtzeitig bekannt. Klickt rein, ist ne coole Sache!