05.11.2022 - Thrash Connection 2022
with Out Of Order, Red To Grey, Helldrifter

07.05.2022 - A Chance For Metal (D)
with Sacred Steel, Pripjat, Greydon Fields etc.

08.04.2022 - Metal Franconia Festival (D)
with Soilwork, Fleshcrawl, Soul Demise etc.

2019/11/02 - Blood For Metal, Stattbahnhof, Schweinfurt (D)
with Defuse My Hate, April In Flames, M.I.God

2019/06/22 - Lemmy's, Bad Friedrichshall (D)

with Abandoned & Reternity

2018/05/11 - Metalheadz Festival (D)
with High Spirits, Abandoned, Leatherwolf. Them, Stallion...

2018/01/05 - Metal Night Vol. II, Weiden (D)

with Hammer King, Liquid Steel & Teeth of Lamb

2017/11/11 - Bambi Galore, Hamburg (D)

with Lost World Order & Vladimir Harkonnen

2017/09/16 - Storm Crusher Festival, Püchersreuth (D)
with Exciter, Toxik, Satan & many more

2017/09/08 - Stadthalle, Neuenstadt (D)
with Mystic Prophecy, C.O.P. UK, & SpiteFuel

2017/07/08 - Hard and Heavy Festival VI, Satteins (A)
with Poltergeist, Mortician, Mayfair, Sacral Rage & Vibratör

2016/10/15 - 20 YEARS SACRED STEEL, Scala Ludwigsburg (D)
with Sacred Steel, Tankard, Tragedy Divine & Stallion

2016/01/30 - METAL ASSAULT 2016, Posthalle Würzburg (D)
with Liege Lord, Venom Inc., RAM, Ambush & many more

2016/01/23 - KILLER METAL NIGHT IV, Omega Erlangen (D)
with Sacred Steel & Powertryp